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Thoughts - Emotions - Beauty - Love

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Our emotions are evoked through our thoughts and it’s through the control of our thoughts that we control our emotions.

Recognizing our thoughts of fear, shame, guilt, overwhelm, anger, frustration, these are thoughts that we have created in our head, by our head and we can change those thoughts. And by changing those thoughts we can change the emotion behind the thought. Not only uplifting us in the present moment, but uplifting the experience of us, by those around us.

This doesn’t mean bypassing hurt, trauma or challenges. Those things are real and they happened and they need to be worked through, moved through, learned from, forgiven and moved on from. What’s important is what you are doing and feeling here and now in this present moment.

We are energetic beings and our energies intertwine with others. Our energy emanates from us. It isn’t contained just within us, but it flows forth from us and around us. The higher vibration energy we have, the more we shine.

It's not easy to change our thoughts from misery to joy, but we can find the next higher vibrational thought from where we’re at and make incremental changes as we rise to where we want to be.

It likely won't be instantaneous. It'll be more like a slow climb up a challenging rocky mountain. The climb can be arduous and it can be tough and it can be painful at times, but I promise you that the vista at the top is going to take your breath away. It will all be worth it to just take in that view.

And yet, you will also feel lighter because the pressure is far less up there. You'll be able to breathe easier and deeper because the air is clean and fresh. And you'll be able to see the beauty all around you because there won't be a forest in your way. And when you see the beauty, when you experience the vastness of beauty all around you, you will generate love, the highest and greatest emotion of all.

Like all emotions, Love is stirred up through our thoughts. It’s not a feeling that exists all by itself. It may seem like it is, but it isn’t.

I believe that it is beauty that creates a feeling of love within us. That seeing beauty, acknowledging beauty, knowing something is beautiful is what brings about the emotion of love.

What I like about this concept is that finding beauty in something or someone can be easier than trying to make us feel an emotion. You can’t just say “be happy” and then feel happy, you can’t just say “love that person” and then feel love for them, but seeing beauty in someone, in the way they are, the way they 'be' or finding the beauty of a situation is something that you are able to do. It’s more tangible and personally subjective so you have power over what and how you see something. Your perspective is yours to choose. To find beauty in something is an easier path, a more flowing path, that you can follow in order to feel love. Look around you. Find beauty. Create your own beauty. See beauty. And you will create love. You will feel love.

And so it is...

Amor fati.


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